ComS 8: Interpersonal Communication Skills


(Syllabus Available About A Week Before Each Semester on Blackboard)

Lectures/Assignments: (all files ©2015 W. F. Owen)

Audio Podcasts (MP3 Files) Podcast Transcripts Lecture & Assignment Slides (PDF Files#)
Defining IPC* PDF Word Defining IPC
Interpersonal Needs* PDF Word Interpersonal Needs
Person Perception* PDF Word Person Perception
Verbal Functions of IPC* PDF Word Verbal Functions of IPC
Nonverbal Features and Interaction* PDF Word Nonverbal Features and Interaction
Self-disclosure & Johari Window* PDF Word Self-disclosure & Johari Window
Interpersonal Listening* PDF Word Interpersonal Listening
Relational Codes* PDF Word Relational Codes
Relational Coorientation* PDF Word Relational Coorientation
Relational Metaphors* PDF Word Relational Metaphors
Love and Communication* PDF Word Love and Communication
Relational Development and Termination* PDF Word Relational Development and Termination
Gibb's Group Climates* PDF Word Gibb's Group Climates
Conflict Styles* PDF Word Conflict Styles
Face Work* PDF Word Face Work
Interpersonal Attraction PDF Word Interpersonal Attraction
Gender and Communication PDF Word Gender and Communication
Self and Self-Concept PDF Word Self and Self-Concept
Disconfirmation in IPC PDF Word Disconfirmation in IPC
Relationship History Exercise PDF Word Relationship History Exercise
Feeling Inventory Exercise PDF Word Feeling Inventory Exercise
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