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Movie Time

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The web links below will take you to different sites related to the movies. On the first "trip" you will visit the American Film Institute's site for the listing of the 100 top movies of all time. On the second "trip" you will get a listing of the current top movies based on box office receipts.


  1. Bookmark this site so you can easily return to this page.
  2. Print the second page of this WebQuest to use to write down your answers.
  3. Use the underlined links below to go to each of the sites.
  4. Spend a few minutes "browsing" the information. You can always use the back button to retrace your steps or the bookmark to return to this page.
  5. Link to each site and find answer to the questions at the end of this exercise.
  6. Write your answers on the printed copy.

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Web Sites

American Film Institute - 100 top movies of all time.

Top movies by box office receipts.


Entertainment Tonight Online



American Film Institute

1. Who directed One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest?



2. Name three sponsors of the AFI's web site?

3. Who selected and ranked the movies into the top 100.



Top Box Office Movies

1. Link to the box office movie list and then link to Saving Private Ryan. Can you find show times in your area?


2. Go to the movies home page and name two new releases?

3. Who do you think sponsors this web site?


4. How would you rate the quality of the information on each web site?




September 4, 1998