Edu 308


What else is social studies?




Our social studies text suggests that "other topics" are also part of social studies education. You will be asked to form small groups to investigate one of the following topics:

  • Character education
  • Law Related education
  • Current events
  • Citizenship/civics education
  • Values/Moral education
  • Literacy and social studies
  • Technology and social studies
  • Humanities
  • Student Service projects (social action)
  • Global Education

Be sure to consult and read the section(s) in your textbook that discuss these topics. Some of these topics overlap with one another, however each approach suggests a slightly different focus and therefore different activities.

During class, you will need to research the topic (I would suggest starting with

You will be presenting your findings next week in class. You will need to prepare a powerpoint presentation that you will use next week in class. Your presentation should include the following points. (You may not be able to complete everything in class and may need to work outside of class to complete the project.

  • What is the topic? (describe, define give the components)
  • What are some essential questions for this topic ?
  • Provide some specific examples for classroom use.
    • What is appropriate for primary grades? (if at all)
    • What is appropriate for upper grades?
  • Provide specific resources including web sites
  • Should it be a part of social studies? Why? Does it reflect California Standards? National standards? (Ellis pp34-37)

You will have approximately 15 minutes for your presentation, including questions. After your presentatons, you may make modificatons based on questions and comments from the audience and then email your presentation to me on regular email. We will put it on the web page so that everyone has access to the information.






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Summer, 2005