Spring 2003 Pletcher


School of Business Administration



MGMT134 - Financial Management






OFFICE HOURS: After class, by appointment and via the Internet

PHONE: 278-6849 (You may leave a message.)

EMAIL: pletcher@cba4.cba.csus.edu (Email much more reliable than voice message.)

TEXT: No required text. I recommend that you have access to a corporate finance text such as VanHorne, Financial Management & Policy, Brigham & Gapenski, Financial Management - Theory & Practice, or Weston & Copeland, Managerial Finance




Week of: Assignment

Jan. 27 Class Handouts, Reading Assignments, Email a/c sign-up, and first topic assignments.


Feb. 3 Group assignments, Case assignments and An Introduction to Case Analysis

Introductory Case #1 Southeast Trailer Company


1.        Effective use of Search Engines for Business Research

2.        Business on the Internet

3.        Crime on the Internet


Balance of topic assignments


Feb. 10 Review of Southeast Trailer and Discussion of Case Analysis Expectations


4.   Working Capital Management - Cash, Inventory and Accounts Receivable

5. Venture Capital Financing


Feb. 17 Case #1 Apple Computer (http://www.apple.com)


6. Investment Banking

7. Common Stock Financing

8. Long-Term Debt Financing


Feb. 24 Case #2 Brown-Forman (http://www.brown-forman.com)


9. Junk Bond Financing

10. Public Utility Financing

11. Leasing


Mar. 3 Case #3 Sears (http://www.sears.com/)


12. Capital Budgeting

13. Mergers

14. Takeovers


Mar. 10 Case #4 General Motors (http://www.gm.com)


15. Leveraged Buyouts (LBOs)

16. Conglomerates

17. Divestment

Mar. 17 Case #5 Home Depot (http://www.homedepot.com)


18. The Business of Sports

19. Business Failure

20. Reorganization


Mar. 24 Cases #6 Walgreens (http://www.walgreens.com)


21. Nonprofit Business

22. Government Assistance Programs

23. Government Programs to attract/retain Businesses


Mar. 31 Cases #7 General Electric (http://www.ge.com)


24. Privatization of Military Property/Facilities

25.     Dividend Policy

26.     Stock Repurchase


Apr. 7 Cases #8 American Airlines (http://www.americanairlines.com)


27. Insider Trading

28. Antitrust

29. Other Illegal Corporate Practices


Apr. 14 Discussion Case Boeing Corp. (http://www.boeing.com)


Apr. 21 Cases #9 Pepsi (http://www.pepsico.com)


30. Corporate Social Responsibility

31. Multinational Finance


Apr. 28 Case # 10 Hewlett Packard (http://www.hp.com)


32. Starting a New Small Business

33. Franchising


Remainder of course topics


May 5 Case Review Course Review