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EEE 267:: Overview

Catalog Description: Fundamentals of modern lightwave communication systems, sources detectors and optical fibers. Study of dispersion in Step Index, Graded Index and Single Mode Optical Fibers. Intensity Modulated Direct Detection systems (IMDD) and Coherent Fiber Optic Systems (COFOCS). Performance evaluation and design considerations. Wavelength division multiplexing, Local Area Networks, optical amplifiers and photonic switching.

Prerequisite and requirements: EEE 185 or instructor permission.

Number of Units:3 Units

Students will need an e-mail account and computer access to the Web. All CSUS students enrolled in one or more units can create a SacLink account for electronic mail and Internet services. Every student will need a SACLINK ID in order to access Web CT. The WebCT complement to EEE 267 will be used to promote discussion and exchange of information. Beginning this semester lectures will be archived and video streamed via the EEE 267 WebCT page. Remember to check WebCT periodically for updates. Although a home computer with a high speed modem running Netscape or Internet Explorer would be beneficial, students can use the Web from one of the campus student labs. Check out System Check and Computer Hardware Recommendations for more information about equipment.

Computing Recommendations

The software packages LINKSIM by RSoft and ViSSim by Visual Communications will be used in assignments. Also students will be expected to use a computational program like MATLAB, Maple, Mathematica or MATHCAD for homework assignment

last updated: 01/01/2006
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