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calendar templates ::

Below is are links to the master files included in this faculty web site template.

To use any of these master templates open Dreamweaver and open your 'faculty web' Dreamweaver site. You must have a Dreamweaver site defined or image paths will break when you save the page and view it online.

Once you have modified the template page perform a ‘save as’. When prompted choose the appropriate course folder in which to save the new calendar page. Name the new file "calendar.htm" and click the ‘OK’ button. It is important that you do a ‘save as’. Performing only a ‘save’ will copy over the master template file.

calendars ::

Spring 2003

Fall 2003

Spring 2004

Mon. - Wed.

MW Spring 2003

MW Fall 2003

MW Spring 2004

Tues. - Thur.

TR Spring 2003

TR Fall 2003

TR Spring 2004

Weekly One Row

Spring'03 1 row

Fall'03 1 row

Spring'04 1 row

Weekly Two Rows

Spring'03 2 rows

Fall'03 2 rows

Spring'04 2 rows

Weekly Three Rows

Spring'03 3 rows

Fall'03 3 rows

Spring'04 3 rows
Months Jan. - May Aug. - Dec. Jan. - May




last updated: 01/01/2003
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