You may either develop an original web-based business idea or find an existing idea that you believe can be significantly improved upon.  Assume that you are proposing this idea to a venture capital firm for funding.


The business idea should be a product or service that can be sold or promoted effectively through the Web.


You should include the following analysis in your report and presentation:


1.   What is the business idea?  Why is it a good idea?  How will it generate revenue?  Is there presently something similar available or is this an original idea? How is it unique or better than what exists?


2.   How do you propose to use the Internet to implement this idea?  Who are your competitors and potential competitors?  Why is this approach superior to what is currently available?  How will you sustain that advantage?


3.   Who are your targeted customers?  How will you attract those customers to your site?  Make sure they return?  How will you measure the site’s effectiveness? (You may want to test out your idea on other students or representatives of your target audience.)


4.   What IS technologies, in addition to HTML pages, will you implement to make sure this web site and the overall business are a success?


5.   Graphically describe your web site.  Ideally, you should develop a prototype of your web site.



You should be able to convince your classmates that your idea is viable.   Your web site should be attractive and easy to navigate.