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World of Work
Spacer ImageInformation Services Librarian (full-time), (10/00-present)
Sacramento Public Library, Central Branch, Sacramento, CA.

  • Provide reference assistance to the general public, both in person and through SPL telephone reference service (TELIS).
  • System-wide selector for History, Archaelogy, Anthropology, Current Events/Politics, and Travel collections.
  • Weed and maintain European, Ancient, and Military History, and Public Policy, Public Administration, and Government Planning collections for Central Library.
  • Serve as California State and Sacramento City/County government documents librarian.
  • Provide tours and "story time" activities for children, grades 2 through 6.
  • Conduct classes to train staff in the use of various Microsoft and telecommunications products.
  • Author of special monograph for the Sacramento Room Archives: "Ed Dorado in a Shot Glass: Saloon Culture in Antebellum Sacramento." (Projected completion date: summer 2006).
  • Plan and conduct classes to educate patrons in the fundamental use of various Internet technologies.
  • Serve on SPL Strategic Planning Action Committee for the promotion of reading throughout Sacramento County, March 2004-present.
  • Perform various other professional duties, as requested by supervisor.

    Spacer ImageReference Librarian and Part-Time Faculty (4 hours/week), (7/00-present) Sacramento State University, Sacramento, CA.
  • Provide reference assistance to students, faculty, and general public.
  • Teach patrons how to use print and electronic resources including bibliographic, full-text, image-based, online databases, CD-ROM and World Wide Web.
  • Lead library tours in order to orient freshman/transfers to Library facilities.
  • Developer/Web Manager of CSUS Index of History Primary Source in Microform: http://www.lib.csus.edu/guides/amatab/History/primary.html.
  • Perform various other professional duties, as requested by supervisor.
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  • Education
    Spacer ImageMarquette University, Milwaukee, WI. Bachelor of Arts in History and Political Science. (Degree Completion, 5/92)
    Spacer ImagePortland State University, Portland, OR. Master of Arts in European History. (Degree Completion, 4/95)
    Spacer ImageSan Jose State University, San Jose, CA. Master of Library and Information Science. (Degree Completion, 12/99)

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    Web Projects
    Spacer ImageVikingship: Formerly known as Herodotus, Vikingship is designed to be a meta-site composed of the most timely Internet resources on World History. It contains a Key Events Index, links to sites dealing with regional/national histories, reference tools, such as dictionaries and encyclopedias, and links to various topical histories. The goal of Vikingship is to provide an online pathfinder to the best, most reputable history resources that the Internet has to offer.
    Spacer ImageCSUS Primary Sources in Microform Index: This Index is dedicated to providing CSUS students and faculty with a tool for finding the smattering of history primary resources that the Library holds in microform. It was done in concert with Ben Amata, CSUS History, Political Science, and Government Documents Librarian.
    Spacer ImageHarbor Defenses of the Columbia River: An ongoing research project, dedicated to bringing an obscured historical event to the Net. Contains a brief history of the Harbor Defenses of the Columbia River, detailed information on a June 1942 attack on the installation by a Japanese submarine, various veteran interviews (both about the attack and HDC life), several HDC images, and resources dealing with the Defense of the Pacific Coast during the twentieth-century.
    Spacer Image353rd Infantry Regiment Web site: Indefinitely under construction, this site was originally designed to accompany a book being written on the 353rd Infantry Regiment (89th Infantry Division) during the Second World War. Unfortunately, a turf war started with another group claiming the right to be the sole body authorized to develop an official site on the 353. Ergo, the site lives, but unfinished and languishing.
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  • Member of the Oregon Historical Society (11/02-present).
  • Member of the Sacramento County Historical Scoiety (12/04-present).
  • Member of Beta Phi Mu International Library and Information Studies Honor Society (1/02-present).
  • Member of Phi Alpha Theta History Honor Society (3/92-present).
  • Current volunteer for the California Military Museum's World War II Oral History Program. Interviewees to date: Cecil Cran, Jim Sime, Joe Wayne Fong, Robert Stewart, and Jack Voss.
  • Member of Marquette University Alumni Association.
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  • Interesting Stuff
    Spacer ImageWorld War II Veteran Interviews. The first three are in affiliation with the California Military Museum, while the last three were done independently for my Web project "Harbor Defenses of the Columbia River."
  • Sergeant Joe Wayne Fong.
  • Cecil Cran.
  • Jack Voss.
  • Robert Stewart.
  • Jim Sime.
  • Sergeant Clarence Thayer.
  • Corporal Patrick Jordan.
  • Corporal William "Willie" Wilson.
  • Spacer ImageComing Soon! "El Dorado In a Shot Glass: Saloon Culture in Antebellum Sacramento."
    El Dorado In a Shot Glass:  Saloon Culture in Antebellum Sacramento
    Spacer ImageCLICK HERE to take a look at...
    Paper Platoons:  America's World Wars Through Federal Documents
    Spacer ImageCheck out this list of sources for the Central Library's January 2002 book display: "Sentinels of Freedom: Women and Minorities in America's Wars."

    Spacer ImageCheck out this graphic for the Central Library's August 2003 book display: "THE COLD WAR."

    Spacer ImageCheck out this graphic for the Central Library's November 2003 book display: "THE JKF ASSASSINATION: 40 YEARS OF CONTROVERSY."

    Spacer ImageCheck out this graphic for the Central Library's March 2005 book display: "The Philosophers."

    Spacer ImageIn 1995, at PSU, I wrote my Master's Thesis. It addressed Nazi Foreign Policy in the Middle East, more specifically, in Iraq during the Spring of 1941. For access to the thesis, click on the follow chapters:

  • Title Page.
  • Introduction.
  • European Powers and Arab Nationalism to 1939.
  • The Coup.
  • British Operations in Iraq.
  • Overview of the British Campaign.
  • German Operations in Iraq.
  • Overview of the German Campaign.
  • Conclusion.
  • Bibiography.
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