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Getting started For general information, facts, and a survey of your country, use encyclopedias. They are on the 2nd floor and Kids' Place. Some check out for one week.
Books to check
in Kids' Place
and 4th floor
The Online Catalog will help you find more information and often includes useful subheadings such as "description and travel," Asocial life and customs," and "history," which appear after the country name. Call numbers are the same for books in Kids' Place, reference, and circulating collections.

Example: Search by Subject = "AUSTRALIA--Description and travel"
2nd floor, Kids'
, or from
Access Sacramento Public Library's home page at www.saclib.org. Select Kids & Teens on the main page. Next, choose Kids or Teens once the Kids' Place home page appears. Finally, click on the Homework link where you will find links for country reports.
Microfilm and

3rd floor
Infotrac, in Kids' Place and 3rd floor, indexes magazine articles. Select General Reference Center from the Infotrac database menu.

FED D 101.22:550 Area handbook series
FED qS 1.123: Background notes
Reference Document area: Countries of the World. U.S. government documents in binders filed by region
FED qPrEx 3.15: The World factbook
Reference Books
2nd floor, for
library use or
photocopy, unless
otherwise noted

Tip: For each source used,
write down author,
title, date, publisher,
and other information
required for your
R910.202 C886 Craighead's international business, travel, an relocation guide to...countries
RJ390 C968 Culturgrams (in Kids' Place)
R310 E89 The Europa world yearbook
RJ929.92 F5742 Flags of the world (in Kids' Place)
RJ912 M297 Maps on File (in Kids' Place)
R310 S783 The Statesman's yearbook
RJ031 W9272 The World Book encyclopedia of people and places (in Kids' Place)
R305.8003 W927 Worldmark encyclopedia of cultures and daily life
R910.3 W927 Worldmark encyclopedia of the nations

General Dewey Call Numbers for Countries
958.1 Afghanistan
949.65 Albania
965 Algeria
982 Argentina
994 Australia
943.6 Austria

954.92 Bangladesh
949.3 Belgium
972.82 Belize
972.99 Bermuda
954.96 Bhutan
984 Bolivia
968.1 Botswana
981 Brazil
959.5 Brunei
949.77 Bulgaria
966.25 Burkina Faso
959.1 Myanmar

959.6 Cambodia
967.11 Cameroon
971 Canada
967.43 Chad
983 Chile
951 China
986.1 Colombia
972.86 Costa Rica
972.91 Cuba
943.7 Czech Republic

948.9 Denmark
972.93 Dominican Republic

986.6 Ecuador
962 Egypt
972.84 El Salvador
942 England
963 Ethiopia

947.1 Finland
944 France
943 Germany
966.7 Ghana
949.5 Greece
998 Greenland
972.81 Guatemala

972.94 Haiti
972.83 Honduras
951.25 Hong Kong
943.9 Hungary

949.12 Iceland
954 India
991 Indonesia
955 Iran
956.7 Iraq
941.5 Ireland
956.94 Israel
945 Italy

972.92 Jamaica
952 Japan
956.9 Jordan

967.62 Kenya
951.9 Korea
953 Kuwait

959.4 Laos
956.92 Lebanon
966.6 Liberia
961.2 Libya

969.1 Madagascar
959.5 Malaysia
972 Mexico
964 Morocco
967.9 Mozambique

954.96 Nepal
949.2 The Netherlands
993.1 New Zealand
966.9 Nigeria
941.5 Northern Ireland
948.1 Norway

954.9 Pakistan
972.87 Panama
989.2 Paraguay
985 Peru
959.9 Philippines
943.8 Poland
946.9 Portugal
972.95 Puerto Rico

949.8 Romania
947 Russia (and former Soviet Republics)
967 Rwanda

953.8 Saudi Arabia
941 Scotland
959.5 Singapore
967.73 Somalia
968 South Africa
946 Spain
962.4 Sudan
948.5 Sweden
949.4 Switzerland
956.9 Syria

951.24 Taiwan
959.3 Thailand
956.1 Turkey

987 Venezuela
959.7 Vietnam

949.7 Yugoslavia

967.51 Congo
968.94 Zambia
968.91 Zimbabwe

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