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Idaho Black History Museum:

Western Women's History: City University of New York:

End of the Oregon Trail Interpretive Center:

Living Culture and History of California Indians: University of California, Berkeley:

Western History: Denver Public Library:

History of the American West: Library of Congress:

WestWeb Western History Resource: City University of New York:

New Perspectives on the West: Public Broadcasting System:

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California History Collection: Library of Congress:

California History Online: California Historical Society:

California Heritage Collection: University of California, Berkeley:

History of California: California State Homepage:

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Oregon Historical Society:

Oregon Blue Book: Oregon History Home Page:

Oregon State Archives:

History of Oregon: Oregon State Homepage:

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Washington State History Museum:

Washington State Historical Society:

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Nevada History Resources: University of Nevada, Reno:

The Nevada Experience: KNPB Online:

Historical & Politica1 Data: Nevada State Library & Archives:

Nevada Historical Society:

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Arizona History Traveler: Arizona Humanities Council:

Arizona History: Arizona Republic:

History & Culture: Arizona State Government:

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History & Symbols: Access Idaho: Idaho State Web Page:

Idaho History: Idaho Statesman:

Idaho: A Portrait: Public Broadcasting System:

Idaho State Historical Society:

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Sacramento Archives and Museum Collection Center (SAMCC):

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Museum of the City of San Francisco:

San Francisco History Index: ZPub:

San Francisco Historical Information: San Francisco Government:

San Francisco History Center: San Francisco Public Library:

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Seattle History: Seattle Times:

Seattle Museum of History & Industry:

Online Encyclopedia of Seattle & King County: HistoryLink:

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Chinese American Museum in Los Angeles:

Los Angeles: Past-Present-Future: University of Southern California:

A Short History of Los Angeles: UCLA:

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San Diego Historical Society:

History of San Diego: University of San Diego:

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Phoenix: Out of the Ashes: City of Phoenix:

Phoenix Museum of History:

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History of Las Vegas: City of Las Vegas:

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Portland History: Portland, Oregon, Visitors Association:

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