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Lower level,
Kids' Place,
4th floor
Call numbers for books on California missions are usually J979.4 (Kids' Place) or 979.4 (4th floor), or you may use the Online Catalog to search for books on your subject.

Example: Search by Subject:
"California missions"
or "Spanish mission buildings--California"
or "Spanish missions of California
2nd floor,
Kids' Place,
or from home.
California Mission Studies Association.
More California Mission History http://www.californiamissions.com/morehistory/index.html.
California missions information and photographs may be checked out from the Pamphlet File in Kids' Place.
Reference Books
Lower Level,
Kids' Place
(*Circulating copies of these titles are often available).
The Missions: California's Heritage.* A book for each mission. RJ979.4...
California missions fact cards. RJ979.402 C153
California's Missions.* RJ979.4 B344c
Live Again our Mission Past.* RJ979.4 K97
Whispers along the mission trail.* RJ979.4 F115
The California missions: A Pictorial history.* RJ979.4 S958c
Projects and layouts.* RJ979.402 N427 1998
Lower Level,
Kids' Place &
1st floor,
Central Express
Video rentals are available at some Sacramento Public Library branches. To request a video from a branch, ask at an Information Desk. Some suggested titles:

Class project, the making of a mission.
California's heritage, the missions.
California's missions... (One on each mission)
Inside the California missions. (also available at Central Library)
Mission San Diego.
Mission San Gabriel.
Mission San Juan Capistrano.
Mission of Santa Barbara.
Mission Indians.

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