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Below is an index to online history journals. By clicking on the letter-headings, you will be taken to the alphabetical grouping of journals starting with that letter. NOTE: a goodly amount of this list was compiled by the Department of History at Tennessee Tech University.

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  • Access: History
  • Agricultural History
  • American Diplomacy
  • American Folk
  • American Historical Association's Perspectives Online
  • American Historical Review
  • American Historical Review online (Vol. 104, No. 3, June 1999-Present) [History Cooperative]
  • American Jewish History
  • American Quarterly
  • Ancient History Bulletin
  • Anistoriton: History and Archaeology Magazine
  • Asian Studies WWW Monitor

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  • B
  • Bulletin of the History of Medicine
  • Business History
  • Business History Review

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  • C
  • Canadian Association of Learned Journals (Simon Fraser University)
  • Canadian Journal of History
  • Central Asian Survey
  • Central Europe Review
  • Gateway Service Center of Chinese [language] Academic Journals
    (East Asian Library, University of Pittsburgh)
  • The Chronicle of Higher Education
  • Chronicon (focus on Irish, Medieval, and European history)
  • Cold War International History Project Electronic Bulletin
  • Columbia Journalism Review
  • Comitatus: A Journal of Medieval and Renaissance Studies
  • Computers and Texts (Computers and Teaching Initiative, Univ. of Oxford, U.K.)
  • Connections: American History and Culture in an International Perspective
    (American Studies Association/Organization of American Historians)
  • Current History

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  • D
  • Daedalus
  • The Digital Journalist
  • Diplomatic History
  • Diplomacy & Statecraft

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  • E
  • The Early America Review
  • Education Week on the Web
  • Eighteenth-Century Life
  • Eighteenth-Century Studies
  • The Electronic Journal of Australian and New Zealand History
  • Emeritense: historia en la web
  • Enterprise & Society: The International Journal of Business History
  • Essays in History (University of Virginia)
  • Essays in Medieval Studies
  • Explorations in Economic History

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  • F
  • Feminist Collections: A Quarterly of Women's Studies Resources
  • Feminist Studies
  • Film & History: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Film and Television Studies
  • First Monday: Peer-Reviewed Journal on the Internet
  • Foreign Affairs
  • 49th Parallel: An Interdisciplinary Journal of North American Studies

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  • G
  • Gateway Service Center of Chinese [language] Academic Journals
    (East Asian Library, University of Pittsburgh)

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  • H
  • History & Theory: Studies in the Philosophy of History
  • The History of the Family: An International Quarterly
  • History Today
  • Histos: The New Electronic Journal of Ancient Historiography

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  • I
  • Idea Central: The Virtual Magazine of the Electronic Policy Network
  • Imago Mundi: The International Journal for the History of Cartography
  • In These Times
  • Intellectual History Newsletter
  • International Security
  • Intersections: Gender, History and Culture
  • Itinerario: European Journal of Overseas History

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  • J
  • Jewish Heritage Online Magazine
  • Journal of African History
  • Journal of American History
  • Journal of American History online (Vol. 86, No 1, June 1999-Present) [History Cooperative]
  • Journal of American Studies
  • Journal of American Studies of Turkey
  • Journal of the Association for History and Computing
  • Journal of Conflict Studies
  • Journal of Early Christian Studies
  • Journal of Esoteric Studies
  • Journal of Historical Geography
  • The Journal of Military History
  • Journal of Modern History
  • Journal of MultiMedia History
  • Journal of Policy History
  • Journal of Psychohistory
  • Journal of Radio Studies
  • Journal of Social History
  • Journal of Southern History
  • Journal of Southern Religion
  • Journal of World History
  • Journalism History

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  • K No Listings At This Time.

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  • Labor History
  • Labour/ Le travail: Journal of Canadian Labour Studies
  • Late Imperial China
  • Law and History Review
  • Left History: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Historical Inquiry and Debate (York University)
  • Limina: A Journal of History and Cultural Studies
  • Linguafranca: The Review of Academic Life
  • Living History

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  • M
  • Media History Monographs
  • The Medieval Review
  • MERIA: Middle East Review of International Affairs
  • MHQ: The Quarterly Journal of Military History
  • Military Review: The Professional Journal of the United States Army

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  • N
  • National Teaching & Learning Forum
  • The New England Quarterly
  • The New York Review of Books
  • New York Times Magazine
  • The North Star: A Journal of African-American Religious History
  • Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly

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  • O
  • OAH Magazine of History (Organization of American Historians)

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  • P
  • Peace and Change: A Journal of Peace Research
  • Picturing Justice: The On-line Journal of Law and Popular Culture
  • The Political Methodologist (newsletter of Political Methodology Section of the APSA)
  • Political Science Quarterly
  • Political Science Scholarly Journals (American Poltical Science Association)
  • Prologue: Quarterly of the National Archives and Records Administration
  • Preservation: The Magazine of the National Trust for Historic Preservation

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  • Q No Listings At This Time.

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  • Radical Historians Newsletter
  • Radical History Review
  • Renaissance Forum
  • Rethinking History
  • Reviews in American History
  • Reviews in History (Institute of Historical Research, London, UK)

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  • S
  • Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society
  • The Silents Majority: The On-line Journal of Silent Film
  • Slavic Review
  • Social Science Computer Review
  • Social Science Research Network (Social Science Electronic Publishing)
  • Southern Cultures
  • Speculum: A Journal of Medieval Studies
  • Studies in Bibliography
  • Studies in the World History of Slavery, Abolition and Emancipation (sponsored by H-Net)

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  • T
  • Teaching History: A Journal of Methods
  • Technology & Culture
  • Traditio

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  • U
  • U.S. Naval Institute Proceedings

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  • V
  • Video Librarian Online: The Video Review Guide for Libraries and Video Fans
  • Viet Nam Generation: A Journal of Recent History and Contemporary Culture

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  • W
  • War, Literature, and the Arts
  • Washington Post Book World
  • William and Mary Quarterly
  • The Wilson Quarterly
  • Women in Judaism: A Multidisciplinary Journal
  • The Women's Review of Books

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  • X No Listings At This Time.

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    Y No Listings At This Time.

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    Z No Listings At This Time.

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