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Exploratorium: Museum of Science, Art, & Human Perception: Women in Baseball: This is a web site exploring the history of women competing in baseball throughout the century. It provides biographical and statistical information on many women baseball players.

TK Publishers: BlackBaseball.com: This is a web site honoring the past Negro Baseball League. It provides a history of the players, and the teams. One will also find a list of sources to read further on the league.

Sporting News Archive: A classic American sports magazine brings its act to the Net. A comprehensive textual and statistical site with a number of fascinating features in a variance of sports--perhaps the best of its kind on the Internet.

National Collegiate Athletic Association: This is the definitive site for college athletics. It provides all manner of statistical information on all college sponsored sports. There are also links to all collegiate athletic sites, as well as conferences. There is also a link to the NCAA hall of champions, which provides a great deal of important historical and archival information on college sports.

National Junior College Athletic Association: This is the equivalent of the NCAA site, only for junior college athletics. One can find information on all aspects of competition at the junior college level, as well as a link to the National Junior College Hall of Fame.

FIFA: World Soccer Federation: This is the best site for soccer in the world. FIFA is the international governing body for soccer. They provide any kind of information that you need to know, including much historical information on past competitions and the game itself.

The Olympic Movement: This is the official site for the International Olympic Committee. One will find much information on past Olympics, including significant historical events, as well as a link to the Olympic Museum.

International Association of Sports Museums and Halls of Fame: This is a directory of links to sports halls of fame and museums throughout the world. One can search by either sport or geographical location.

National Baseball Hall of Fame & Museum: This is the official web site for the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York. Needless to say, it provides an infinite amount of historical information on the game of baseball and the individuals affiliated with it.

Latino Legends in Sports Online Magazine: This is a site honoring Hispanic heroes in sports. One can find biographical information, as well as statistical information on many Hispanic athletes.

University of California, Riverside: : A web site providing photographs of great moments in sports history, the heroes of sports, and sports photos from around the world.

WhoWins.com: This site provides historical victory probabilities and team performance records for the best of seven format in Major League Baseball, NBA, and NHL playoff series.

Hockey Hall of Fame: This is the official web site for the Hockey Hall of Fame. One can do research on the history of the game of hockey, and the individual associated with it.

Smithsonian Institute: Sports History: Not the most comprehensive site, but pretty fun nonetheless. Highlight is site's ability to provide images of various sports artifacts residing at the Smithsonian, like those of Roberto Clemente and Arthur Ashe. You'll also find select biographies on athletes.

Texas Tech University: A neat little site put together by Texas Tech professor Jim Harper. Sports history is what he does. The site has an exclusive focus on sports in the U.S. and baseball in particular. A nice strength is its chronological indexing.

Columbia Broadcasting System: NBA History: Well organized site with information back to 1947. Statistics of scoring, rebounds, steals, etc., and year-by-year details on awards, standings, and Hall of Fame inductees.

Information Please Sports Almanac: Good site with a lot of information. Interesting feature is fiscal statistics (i.e. top ten money makers in a given sport for the current year). Also, one will gain season summaries for given sports in given years, a most unique feature.

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