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2nd floor
American Cultural History -- The Twentieth Century
A Timeline of Black History at Virginia Tech
The Great War interactive timeline
This day in history
Today in history: From the Library of Congress American Memory http://lcweb2.loc.gov/ammem/today/archive.html
Magazines and
Reference Sources

Infotrac (TM)
2nd and 3rd floors
American heritage* Full text from May/June 1992
American history* Full text from February 1998
California history Each issue has an index for that issue
Current events Full text from January 1994
Current history* Citations only
Encyclopedia of American facts and dates 1993 edition, full text
History today* Full Text from November 1992
Monkeyshines of America Full text
Reader's companion to American history 1991 edition, full text
*Also indexed in Reader's guide to periodical literature, 3rd floor Indexes.
Using Infotrac (TM) on in-
house Internet

2nd floor
1. Access Infotrac from Sacramento Public Library home page.
2. Access the General Reference Center
3. Choose Keyword
4. Enter Search
Example: "1969" -Enter-
Example: "Terrorism" -Enter-
5. Narrow or Limit Search by Date or Journal and Full Text (You don't need to enter the exact title to narrow or limit by journal name.)
Example: Journal -- "Encyclopedia"
Example: Journal -- "American"
Example: Journal -- "History"
Newspapers and
Newspaper Indexes

3rd floor
Sacramento Newspapers Card Index near Periodicals/Microform Service Desk. In-house indexes of Sacramento newspapers, local topics only: 1900 - 1937 microfilm (ask at service desk.) Card indexes for 1938- 1973 and 1974 - 1993 in Card Index cabinets.
Christian Science Monitor Paper index 1986 - current. 3rd floor Indexes near Information Desk.
Los Angeles Times 3rd floor Indexes. 1980 - current; microfilm 1980 - current. 3rd floor Indexes near Information Desk.
New York Times 3rd floor Indexes. 1851- current; microfilm 1851- current. 3rd floor Indexes near Information Desk.
Sacramento Bee Microfilm issues Feb. 3, 1857 - current
Sacramento Union Microfilm issues Mar.19, 1851 - Jan.15, 1994.
San Francisco Chronicle San Francisco Newspapers Index, 1904 - 1959, and San Francisco Chronicle Index, 1950 - 1980, both on microfiche at Information Desk, 1985 - current on paper, 3rd floor Indexes. Microfilm issues 1970 - 1979, and 1985 - current at Periodicals/Microform Service Desk
U.S. History
2nd floor Reference
4th floor Circulating
American decades R973.91 A512.22 1996
American eras R973.5 A512 1998
American heritage illustrated history of the United States R973 A866 1989 v.1-19
Chronicle of America R973 C557 1997
Chronology of the United States R973 C626 1997
This fabulous century R973.9 T5832 v.1-7
World History
2nd floor Reference
4th floor Circulating
Book of days R903 C445 1967 v.1 - 2
Chronicle of the 20th century R909.82 C557 1999
Chronicle of the world R902.02 C557 1990
Facts on file R909 F142 1941- current
People's chronology R902.02 T765 1992
Time lines on file R902.02 C557 1990. Reproducible timelines.
The World almanac and book of facts R310 W92 From 1895 tocurrent. Important events from the previous year.

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