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Books to Check
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Use the Online Catalog to search for circulating and reference books on your subject. In general, books on Indian tribes are shelved in 970.1 through 970.5.

Example: Search by Subject = "Indians of North America -- California" (or other state) or "Apache" (or other tribe).
Kids' Place
Access Sacramento Public Library's home page at www.saclib.org. Select Kids & Teens on the main page. Next, choose Kids or Teens once the Kid=s Place appears. Finally, click on the Homework link where you will find links for Native American report information.
Magazine Articles
Kids' Place
unless otherwise
Three specific sources may be used to find magazine articles.


Search by Subject = "Indians of North America-- Apache (or other tribe) or "Apache."

National geographic index Lists articles from National Geographic, 1888-1991 Rq910.45 N277
Readers' guide to periodical literature is a paper index to magazines (3rd floor)
Infotrac (TM) computer index to magazines (3rd floor & Kids' Place)
Reference Books
Lower level
Kids' Place
California Indians fact cards RJ970.494 C153
California Native American Indians RJ970.3
Encyclopedia of American Indian costume RJ391.008997 P295
Encyclopedia of North American Indians RJ970.1 E56
From Abenaki to Zuni: a dictionary of Native American tribes RJ970.1 W861f
The World book encyclopedia. Look under "Indian, America"
Reference Books
2nd floor
Cambridge history of the native peoples of the Americas R970.1 C178 1996 v.1, pt. 1-2
Chronology of native North American history R970.1 C557 1994
Gale encyclopedia of Native American tribes R970.1 G152 1998
Handbook of North American Indians R970.1 H236
Native time: a historical timeline of native America R970.1 F818 1996
Videos Videos on Indian tribes are available at Sacramento Public Library branches. To request a video from a branch, ask at an Information Desk.

Some suggested titles:

Mission Indians
Geronimo and the Apache resistance
Seasons of a Navajo

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