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The following sources consist of reference books, government documents, periodicals, and internet sites. If you are seeking a primary source from U.S. History for a school project or for other research purposes this information will get you started. A primary source is a first hand account or original document, such as the Declaration of Independence, The Constitution, personal journals, or an autobiography. Most of the sources listed here are available at the Central Library.


3rd floor
Laws, legislation,
first hand
accounts, letters,
personal papers
American Foreign Policy FED S 172
Hearings Before Presidents Commission on the Assassination of President Kennedy FED PR 36.8:
House and Senate Documents FED Y 1.1/2!
Public Papers of the Presidents FED AE2: 113:
Statutes at Large 1873+ FED AE 111 1904
Territorial Papers FED DGS 413 to S. 7.1:
Treaties and Other International Agreements of the House FED DS 9.12/2:10
United States Census 1790+ FED C3. 222: M393:
U.S. Treaties and Other Agreements FED S 9.12:26:
2nd floor
Avalon Project at Yale Law School
Library of Congress American Memory, Historical Collections for the National Digital Library http://lcweb2.loc.gov/amhome.html.
Making of America
National Archives Homepage
Queens University Archive
University of Groningen, Netherlands
Items to be
Checked Out

2nd & 4th floors
American Historical Documents 973 S995
American Political Writing During the Founding Era 973.3 A51271
Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin 973.3 F831zt
Confederate Reader 973.7 H343u
Early Narratives of the Northwest [1634-1699] 973.2 K
Federalist Papers 342.73 F293
Fighting for the Confederacy 973.73013 A375
Great Presidential Decisions 973 M877
Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl 973.6 092 F872
I Rode With Stonewall 973.7 D734
Jays Treaty 973.43 B455
Letters from Jesse Benton Fremont 973.6092 F872
Letters from North America 973.6092 X2
Letters of Delegates to Congress 973.312 L651
Portable Thomas Jefferson 973.46 J45
Stamp Act Congress 973.3111 W513
Story of the Wild West and Camp Fire Chats 973 C671
Thomas Jefferson 973.46 J45
Tocqueville in America 973.56 T632zp
Union Reader 973.7 H343u
Walter Camp's Notes on the Custer Fight 973.82 C987zc
3rd floor
Editorials, letters,
1st person
California Statesman Nov. 13 1854-March 1, 1855
Los Angeles Times 1980+
New York Times 1851+
Sacramento Bee 1857+
Sacramento Observer 1963+
Sacramento Press-Journal Ja. 31, 1972-My 7, 1872
Sacramento Star Nv 1904-Fe 1925
Sacramento Union 1873-1993
San Francisco Chronicle 1970-79, 1985+
Reference Books
2nd floor
100 Key Documents in American History R973 O58
Annals of America R973 A613
Historical Documents R973 H6732
Papers of Thomas Jefferson R973.0222 W253
Westward Expansion Rq973 W5382 1991 Appendix A
Room Vault

(2nd floor)
America in Maps Dating from 1500-1815 SPE f912.73 A512. 19
The Battles of the Civil War (Ask at Desk)
Expedition from Mississippi to California (Ask at Desk)
Memoirs of General William T. Sherman SPE 973.7 S553
Overland Route to California SPE 978 C536
Records of California Men in the War of the Rebellion SPE 973.7 C153 1890 CAL
United States Exploring Expedition q910.794 R581
Way We Lived SPE 970.494 W357 1981 CAL
Yokuts and Western Mono Myths SPE 970.494 Y54zg 1940 CAL

DS rs 1/02

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