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Celebrating Women's Achievements: National Library of Canada: A very well done site and classic reference source in the area of biography. For each biographical entry, you'll find a narrative essay as well as suggested readings. Biographies are divided up in seven sections, from "Science" to "Librarianship & Bibliography."

WASP on the Web: Baylor University: An outstanding site dedicated to the Women Air Force Service Pilots or WASPs. Images, maps, oral histories, art, music, and much more. An information rich site on an unheralded, but crucial contribution to the American war effort in WWII.

Sallie Bingham Center for Women's History and Culture: Duke University: A great site which has a particular focus on the American South (African Americans and Women during the Civil War). But, it does have a section dedicated to "Documents from the Women's Liberation Movement."

Women's Labor History: American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees: Really nothing more than a list of links, but leading to great resources on the history of women's labor in the U.S. A lot of biographical stuff, mixed in with links on various movements/parties like the Wobblies, the Women's Trade Union League. Also, some interesting links to women's labor-related music.

Women of the West Museum: A nice site paying homage to women making a difference in the history of the Western United States. Exhibit links and links to to readings, per age groups are especially well done sections of the site.

Russian Women Pilots: Federal Aviation Administration: A fascinating site dedicated to the Soviet women who flew against the Germans in World War II, the Nachthexen, or German for "Night Witches." Also provides a nice window into the treatment of perception of Soviet women as combatants during WWII.

American Women's History: A Research Guide: Middle Tennessee State University: Maintained by Ken Middleton, a librarian and historian from Middle Tennessee State, this is perhaps the premier site on the Internet for American Women's History. It also provides a great subject index to helpful links, digital, textual, etc..

Internet Women's History Sourcebook: Fordham University: This is just one part of Paul Halsall's (professor at Fordham) Internet history empire which covers seemingly ALL areas of history. The site's strength comes in its commitment to non-Western, and ancient/medieval women's issues. Pretty much the non-Western version of Middleton's site.

Women's History Resources: University of Wisconsin, Madison: More or less a megasite with an American backdrop. Main focus is on American Women as members of minority groups. There are also plenty of links to primary source info, digitized photos and more.

Women's History Month: Free Resources: Gale Group: A true Internet boon. The site excels in its ability to provide outstanding biographical information as well as an outstanding timeline covering all of known history.

Women's History: The History Channel: The site sports a bio-a-day format, not to mention a decent feature on the Women's Suffrage Movement in the U.S.

National Women's Hall of Fame: A very good site in the realm of biography, providing nice essays, photographs and vitals in a clear manner.

Celebrating Women's History on the Web: A Growing Resource: University of Colorado, Boulder: A quality site using a lot of government information to address the issue of women's history. Well-organized with a considerable amount of scope.

Women's Studies: A Guide to Online Resources: Online Reference Book for Medieval Studies: Rhodes University: A good site on an obscured era of women's history. Beware broken links. Those that aren't broken, should provide provide good primary source information as well as leads to useful print titles.

Women's Studies Resources: University of Iowa: A list of sites on the history of women. All are good and reputible, although not very well organized. A good site for browsing.

ACRL Women's History Sites: A nice site for, again, information on non-Western Women's history. In addition to the standard links to pictures and biographies, the site will direct one to Women's History speeches, and era-based information (i.e. the Renaissance).

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