It was during the winter of 1995 that I had the honor of interviewing three HDC veterans. They are the following gentlemen: Corporal Patrick Jordan of Portland, Oregon, (stationed at forts Stevens and Columbia, and served tour of duty in "island-hopping" operations in the South Pacific), Sergeant Clarence Thayer of Scappoose, Oregon, (stationed at Fort Canby), and Corporal William "Willie" Wilson of Salem, Oregon, (stationed at forts Stevens and Canby). Questioning was geared to five main topics: the road that brought each man to the HDC, general living conditions of the HDC, certain passtimes at the HDC, general reaction to the June 1942 attack, and the degree of interaction between civilians and servicemen. One may access the interviews (in full-text) by clicking on the below links, as organized by subject. In the spirit of authenticity, the transcription of interviews has been verbatim.

Photo source: National Archives.

  • The Road to the HDC.

  • General Living Conditions at the HDC.

  • Passtimes of the HDC.

  • General Reaction to the June 1942 Attack.

  • Interaction Between Civilians and Servicemen.

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