April 2, 2002




TO:                  Rosemary Thakar,

Nominee, President of the Board of Governors of the California Community College System


CC:                  Nancy Shulock, PhD

                        Center for California Education Studies


FROM:            José C. Henríquez,

                        Analyst, California Community College Chancellor’s Office


SUBJECT:       PPA 230 Memo Assignment 4



As you have requested, the following outlines three possible budget request enhancements for the following year.  Along with the enhancement proposals I also outlined some of the possible the issues that may arise.


Proposal 1: Request a budget line item to request a study that evaluates the effectiveness of the Articulation Council of California. 


Rationale: This body acts as a liaison to the state’s higher education institutions to develop guidelines on program articulation.  This coordination aids in student transfer rates between the California Community College and the University of California and the California State University.  With state lawmakers increasingly focusing on community college transfer rates onto 4-year institutions and an increase in student enrollment because of Tidal Wave II, the CCC System should evaluate whether the current level of coordination between us and the UC and CSU is adequate to meet current and future demand.  Without this evaluation it is unknown whether the three higher education systems require greater or lower levels of coordination.  The stakes are high, since an efficient inter-institution coordination has the following benefits:



Issues:  Any budget request for this study will encounter a number of problems and resistance:



Proposal 2: Seek additional funding for the hiring of permanent transfer coordinators at any community college that has a low transfer rates and that currently does not currently have a coordinator


Rationale – Transfer coordinators educate, counsel and provide resources to any community college student who seeks a transfer to 4-year institutions.  With the increased attention by policymakers on community college transfer rates, it behooves the CCC System to provide as many resources to its students in order to achieve this goal.  Students who want to transfer to a CSU or UC but who attend colleges without a transfer coordinator may encounter the following problems:



Issues: Any request for this budget enhancement will encounter the following problems:



Proposal 3 – Seek increased funding for deferred infrastructure maintenance


Rationale – The CCC System faces a backlog of $1 billion in infrastructure needs.  This need places the CCC System in a precarious situation should it continue to be deferred for several years.  It will not allow for the community colleges to meet the needs of its student population while making it difficult to compete against private educational institutions.


Issue: This proposal will continue to encounter resistance by the Department of Finance given the current fiscal constraints encountered by the state


Please feel free to contact me at 916-636-7156 if you have any questions regarding these proposals.