Fall 1999 Syllabus for English 116B

Children's Literary Classics

Literary Autobiography/Personal Reading History

In-class, Due August 30 (10% of course grade)
Write an essay in which you reflect on your experiences with literature as a child and adult. The purpose of this assignment is to have you describe and discuss the role of literature in your past and present life.


Due September 28, 30 (20% of course grade)
Select a traditional tale from the Grimm Brothers, Joseph Jacobs, or Hans Christian Anderson collections in our text, or a story of your choice from another source. Prepare to tell the tale to the class. Further guidelines will be provided.

Evaluating Informational Books

Due October 28 (20% of course grade)
Select an informational book that includes many illustrations. Evaluate the illustrations according to the value of the explanatory legends presented next to the illustrations, the accuracy of the illustrations, and the possibility that they will stimulate the children's interest the subject. Two pages of text with attached copies of sample illustrations should be turned in.

Formal Paper on Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry

Due December 2 (25% of course grade)
Guidelines will be provided.

Issues of Controversy in Children's Literature

Due December 14 (15% of course grade)
This assignment is a ten minute group presentation due during finals week.
In groups of three, choose a topic on a controversial issue in the teaching of literature to children. As individual group members, select an article on the topic, write a one-page summary/response on your article. Come prepared to discuss your article with the class.

Reading Response Papers, Quizzes, and Class Participation

Throughout the course (10% of course grade)
Credit will be given for random reading response papers, pop quizzes, and class participation.