Chemistry 33 Summer 2013

Welcome to the Chemistry 33 Website for the Summer of 2013.  Use the links below to access course documents.

Lecture Syllabus

Laboratory Syllabus

SCU Chem 33 Class Packet

Comprehensive Problems Set

Comprehensive Problems Set Key

HW Set 1 Enols and Enolate Chemistry

HW Set 1 Key

HW Set 2 Condensation Chemistry

HW Set 2 Key

HW Set 3 Benzene and Aromaticity

HW Set 3 Key

HW Set 4 Reactivity of Aromatic Compounds

HW Set 4 Key (error on answer to 4b)

HW Set 5 Conjugated Alkenes

HW Set 5 Key

HW Set 6 Radicals and Radical Reactions

HW Set 6 Key

HW Set 7 Amines and Amino Acids

HW Set 7 Key

HW Set 8 Carbohydrates

HW Set 8 Key

Sample Exam 1

Sample Exam 1 Key

Sample Exam 2

Sample Exam 2 Key

Exam 1 Key

Exam 2 Key