To value understanding of communication theory as a means for making sense of everyday experience.

To value the ability to identify what you DON'T know.

To value and avail yourself of the help of others in learning about yourself [or any topic]

To take responsibility for your own learning

To value rigorous thinking and writing


To be able to identify what you don't know and create a plan for learning what you need and want to learn

To develop research skills needed for finding the material needed for learning what you want to learn

To document your own learning processes

To see and articulate connections between ideas from different disciplines


To define, in communication terms, the concepts: communication, self and society

To create a coherent explanation of how communication acts in the formation, maintenance and evolution of the "self."

To apply your learning to specific intra- and interpersonal relational challenges you face for the purpose of dealing with those
       challenges in a positive, constructive, and satisfying way

To document your own development as a communicating self

To assess your development as a communicating self

To evaluate ideas presented in the readings and class presentations