PLACE IN THE CURRICULUM: ComS 163 provides a place for you to make connections between your experiences and your learning within the communication studies major, and with other disciplines. For example, from the discipline of communication studies, this course makes heavy use of rhetorical, critical, and interpersonal theory; it also uses ideas and concepts from social psychology, sociology, and linguistics. Within the curriculum, this course allows curious students to link ideas into a coherent whole in order to make sense of their life experience. There is always a need in a discipline as wide-ranging and diverse as communication for a NEXUS, a place where ideas converge; that's what this course is designed to be.

The course also allows students a chance to follow their own interests. Since the course is designed as a place of convergence, you can start with just about any topic that interests you and follow it back to the point where the concepts of COMMUNICATION, SELF, AND SOCIETY come together. It's a great deal of fun to find ways of putting the puzzle together.