A PROJECT OF YOUR OWN DESIGN: ComS 163 (optional) 5-20 points

You can design your own project if you like.  You will make a proposal by creating a detailed assignment with the same order of specificity I have provided for you in the required assignments above.  I will then examine the proposal and 1) accept it, 2) suggest modifications, or 3) reject it providing reasons for the rejection.  Be assured, we will be able to negotiate a mutually agreed upon project.
You are invited to make a proposal which will have the following components:

1. Rationale for the project; how does it fit into the overall structure and goals of the course?

2. Specific goals of the project; what exactly do you wish to accomplish by doing the project?

3. A detailed time line and plan of activities you will complete to finish the project.

4. A description of the final product that will emerge from your work.

5. Point value of the project (as compared to other assignments in the course) and explanation/justification of your valuation.