Research Resources: ComS 163
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Research Resources:
Index to Journals in Communication Studies via Communication Institute for On-Line Scholarship (CIOS)

Use this index to find titles of relevant scholarly articles in communication studies journals that are
related to the critical study you are conducting.  Make sure you print entire citations so that you know the
author/s, title, and journal title.  Copy and paste your citations so you have something like this:

Lewis, William F. (1987). Telling America's story:  Narrative
     form and the Reagan presidency.  Quarterly Journal of Speech.
     73, (3, August), 280-302.      (This would have to be reconfigured to MLA format)

To find out if our library has this article, using Eureka, do a title search using the title of the journal, not the article.  So, to find
out if the library has Lewis' essay, search for Quarterly Journal of Speech, then look on the screen to see if the library has
volume 73.  If so, the article will be in that volume.

CSUS On-line Databases:
Communication Studies Abbreviated List:

Complete listing of on-line data bases
Depending on your topic, you may find useful information through such databases as InfoTrac: Expanded Academic

Two Online Journals:
American Communication Journal (online)
The American Communication Journal is a completely online, blind-reviewed publication, dedicated to the conscientious
analysis and criticism of significant communicative artifacts.  A publication of the American Communication Association.

Studies in Media and Information Literacy Education (SMILE)
SIMILE aims to explore the ways in which social and cultural environments impact media production and the methods that could be used to teach the skills needed to "read" these  environments. (Note: the first article by Bybeen and Overbeck.  This is an excellent study of the construction, presentation and modification of the self in postmodern America.)

On-line Bibliographies
Take a look particularly at "Social Construction of the Self" and "Embodiment, Self, and Personal Identity"

Available Manuscripts by Kenneth Gergen

Two Classic Collateral Essays and Readings for Topics, Ideas, and Augmentation of Course Readings:

 Mead, George Herbert. "The Social Self." Journal of Philosophy, Psychology and Scientific Methods 10 (1913):
    374- 380.

Cooley, Charles Horton. Human Nature and the Social Order (Revised edition). New York: Charles Scribner's Sons,1922.
                    See especially, chapters 1 and 5.

Four Contemporary Collateral Essays and Readings for Topics, Ideas, and Augmentation of Course Readings:

 Davies, Bronwyn, and Rom Harre. "Positioning: The Discursive Production of Selves." 1997.

 Budwig, Nancy "Language and the Construction of Self: Developmental Reflections."  1997.

 Bybee, Carl  and Ashley Overbeck. "Homer Simpson explains our postmodern identity crisis, whether we like it or not: Media
    literacy after 'The Simpsons' ".

Writing Resources:
Editing Marks and Codes [PDF format.] If you need Adobe Acrobat Reader. Click here to download free reader

On-line Help for Writing Academic Papers
This site is extremely thorough, and easy to navigate. Use this site as an on-line MLA manual.
A part of the webster.commnet site above, this portion is specifically devoted to technical concerns
of appropriate, and precise writing.  It provides help at the sentence, paragraph and essay levels of writing.
This is an extensive set of handouts explaining everything from how to use a comma to how to write an essay.
The listing is thorough and easy to use.
Scroll to the bottom of the page to "enter."  You will then find an alphabetical list of common writing
errors explained in brief notes.  Easy to use.

Handling the Internet
Finding Information on the Internet: A Tutorial