COURSE OBJECTIVES: At the conclusion of this course you will:

     1) have created in  your mind a meaningful and understandable structure that relates identifiable threads of rhetorical theory  in some logical way.

     2) be able to make a cogent argument regarding your understanding of the relationship of rhetorical practice to rhetorical theory at various points in time.

     3) be able to apply specific theoretical constructs to the analysis of some discourse or body of discourse.

      4) be able to explain clearly what you see as the present and significant theoretical issues to be treated by scholars of rhetoric.

      5) have developed a vocabulary of rhetorical terms that you see as necessary to understand discourse within  the discipline.

      6) become familiar with the original writing of and contributions of important rhetorical theorists.

Presentation of course material will be through selected readings, presentations, class discussions, writing, and lecture.