ATTENDANCE--Your attendance and participation each day is important.  I expect you will attend each scheduled class meeting unless you are ill or have an emergency.  After one (1) absence, your final grade will be lowered AT LEAST one (1) increment (e.g. B+ to C+) for each day missed thereafter.  NOTE: If you are late to class, it is your responsibility to see me AT THE END OF THAT CLASS PERIOD to make sure you are marked present.  If you do not take care of the attendance at that time, I will not change the attendance record at a latter date.  I  HIGHLY VALUE PROMPT AND REGULAR ATTENDANCE.
     DUE DATES--All assignments are due AT CLASS TIME on the the date announced or assigned.  Late assignments for whatever reason will be penalized one (1) full grade (e.g. B to C) for each calendar day late.
     INCOMPLETES--will not be assigned unless the requirements and conditions stipulated by the university are met.  Incompletes are not routinely assigned if you are slow in getting work done or not responsible in management of your time.  I make clear when assignments are due and sufficient lead time is given for you to plan your work schedules to meet course deadlines, therefore, incompletes are for use in emergencies only.
     TESTS-- The exams will be due AT CLASS TIME on the dates announced. If the exam is not in hand at that time, you will receive a "zero" for the exam.  Since the questions are available to you in advance, there is no reason why your exam will not be ready.  If you will miss the class for some reason, give your completed exam to someone who will submit it for you at or before class time.  You may also submit your exam via email at or before class time.

     CHEATING--I assume that you will help each other think about the course material as you prepare your take-home exams.  However, I also expect that the answers written will reflect your conclusions regarding the questions.  I follow the departmental policy on plagiarism.  Cheating on exams will result in failure on the exam and a report to the Department Chair of the incident.
     DROPPING--I follow the departmental policy on dropping.  Be sure you drop by the end of the second week if you are at all inclined to do so because I will be very difficult about dropping after that.  I will require some kind of documentation of extenuating circumstances to drop after that  time.  Make your decision early if you are shopping.