ComS 167 Systems and Theories of Rhetoric

Presentation Assignment


To isolate essential concepts presented in readings

To explain concepts to colleagues

To explain the relationships between concepts within the assigned reading and other relevant material

To apply the concept to some sample discourse/s


As you read the course material, your task is to discover the essential ideas presented in the reading. The number of essential concepts will vary, of course, between theorists; you may find two essential concepts presented whereas you colleague may have to deal with eight or ten in his or her presentation.

Carefully prepare an eight to ten minute presentation of the material for the class. Elements of the presentation will be:

1) definition of specific concepts

2) explanation of their relationships to each other and other concepts encountered in the course

3) discussion of the relative value of the concepts discovered in the reading

4) application of the concepts to some discourse to show how the concepts work

5) presentation of significant theoretical questions or problems raised by these concepts may be included but not required.

This will be a polished presentation that indicates significant engagement with and thought about the material. Use of visual aids and/or handouts as needed will be appropriate. Keep the presentation to the time allotted-longer is not necessarily better. If more time is needed to discuss the concepts, lay out what needs to be discussed in your presentation so we can take up that discussion as a group at the conclusion of your time.