ComS 168 Tentative Course Calendar
Fall 2001
Dr. Mark Stoner

Note: Assignments [as in cell 1) below] in each cell are for the next class session.
Monday Wednesday
1) Course Orientation August 27, 2001 

Assignment: Read Foss Chapters 1,2 
Write 3 new observations about criticism,
2 questions about criticism,
1 concern about criticism

2) Discuss course structure; Q & A on syllabus

Discuss your present understandings of criticism; your experiences with it and your goals

3) Labor Day-No Classes 4) Research on-line; course web page
Meet in computer lab (TBA)

Assignment: Read Gospel of John

5) Nature of Search Models: Purpose, Value, and Use 
Receive assignments for presentations

Assignments: Read Fisher "Method" in packet; Complete contracts; think about "texts" you'd like to study

6) View The Matrix

Contracts Due Today

Think about "texts" you'd like to study...

7) View The Matrix

Assignment: Read Foss Chapter 10 (textbook)

8) Nature of Narrative Theory: Questions raised by it. Apply to Gospel; Matrix 

Assignment: Read Scott (in packet); read Hollihan and Riley in textbook, pp 432 ff

9) 2Presentations Silva and Allen

Discuss Scott's ideas; Understand how Hollihan and Riley did their analysis; apply to Gospel and Matrix

Assignments: Read Berdayes in textbook, pp. 447 ff; read Foss in packet "Questions"

Choose a text for your term paper

10) 2 Presentations Foderaro and Hoey

Discuss Berdeyes study; Discuss Foss' Questions; Apply to Gospel and Matrix

Summarize Narrative approach

Turn in choice of term paper text

Assignment: Read Brock et al "Decisions" in packet; Read Foss textbook, chapter 11

11) Nature of Pentadic Analysis; Using the pentad properly; apply to Gospel and Matrix

Discuss Brock et al; decisions you have to make about your own text

Assignment: Read Ling in textbook, pp. 464 ff.

12) 2 Presentations Mitchell and Scott

Discuss Ling's essay

Assignment: Read Sheridan in textbook, pp. 477 ff.; read Foss, "Criteria" in packet

13) 2 Presentations Barton and Gaberel

Discuss Sheridan's study; where could this study go? How could the pentad have been better applied? Apply "Criteria" to Sheridan's work. How can you apply the pentad to the text you are studying? 

Assignment: Read Foss textbook, chapter 5

14) 2 Presentations Loftus and Sandlin

Nature of Fantasy Theme Analysis

Apply to Gospel and Matrix

Assignment: Read Farrell in packet; read Foss in textbook, pp. 133 ff.

15 ) 2 Presentations Chehade and Herman

Discuss Foss' essay; discuss Farrell's essay

How do these apply to your term paper study?

Assignment: Read Huesca in textbook, pp.157 ff

16) 2 Presentations Osby and Yescas

Discuss Huesca's essay-what did you discover about applying the fantasy theme method? 

Assignment: Review for Mid-term exam

17) Mid-term Exam 18) Meet with me this week regarding progress on your term paper

Assignment: Read Foss textbook, chapter 7

19) 2 Presentations Ingersoll and Stephenson

Nature of Genre Theory

Apply to Gospel and Matrix

Assignment: Read Brockriede "Argument"in packet; read Varallo in textbook, pp. 260 ff.

20) 2 Presentations Freedman and Pearce

Discuss Varallo's essay; discuss Brockriede's essay-to what degree does Varallo enact Brockriede's guidelines? How can you do so in your own study?

Assignment: Read Vande Berg in textbook, pp. 238 ff.

21) 2 Presentations Gleckler and Whitehead

Discuss Vande Berg's essay-how does it differ from Varallo's? What are the implications for your own study? 

Assignment: Read textbook, chapter 12

22) 2 Presentations Morgan and Mickey

Nature of Generative Criticism

What needs to be treated in examining Gospel of John or The Matrix that hasn't been treated so far?

Assignment: Read Stoner "Demands" in packet; read Leff in packet

23) 2 Presentations Jones and Swankie

Discuss Stoner's study; implications for your own studies

Assignment: Read Terrill in textbook, pp.509 ff

24) 2 Presentations Elliott and Cohn

Discuss Terrill's study; discuss Leff-summarize the issues of criticism he raises; how will you cope with them in your studies?

Assignment: work on term papers

25) Work on essays; meetings with me available 26) Work on essays; meetings with me available
27) Final Papers Due Today

Start Presentations

28) Presentations

Course evals

29) Presentations 30) Presentations
Final Exam; submit portfolio Monday December 10, 12:45--2:45 PM