ComS 168

ATTENDANCE B Your attendance and participation every class session is important. I expect you will attend every scheduled class meeting unless you are ill or have an emergency. After three absences, (which I assume will be used only in case of emergency or illness) your final grade will be lowered AT LEAST one (1) grade (e.g. B to C) for each day missed thereafter.

NOTE: I take attendance each class period. If you are late to class, it your responsibility to see me AT THE END OF THAT CLASS PERIOD to make sure you are marked present. If you do not take care of the attendance at the time, I will not change the attendance record at a later date. I HIGHLY VALUE PROMPT AND REGULAR ATTENDANCE. PLEASE BE CONSIDERATE OF ME AND COME ON TIME; IF YOU ARE LATE, BE DISCRETE AND QUIET AS YOU ENTER THE CLASS. NEVER ENTER DURING A STUDENT=S PRESENTATION.

NOTE: Missing class without justifiable cause eliminates opportunity for contract re-negotiation. (Also, if you call me or come to my office to discuss your absence, please do not ask, "Did I miss anything?")

CHEATING B I follow the departmental policy on plagiarism. I take plagiarism seriously. If you don=t know what constitutes plagiarism, familiarize yourself with the concept via < > [see Plagiarism].
This constitutes your first and last warning.

DROPPING B I follow the departmental (and university) policy on dropping. Be sure you drop by the end of the second week if you are at all inclined to do so. If you wish to drop after week #2, I will require compelling documentation of unanticipated, extenuating circumstances that are beyond your control which require you to drop the course.

DUE DATES B For Core Assignments, all such assignments will be due at the beginning of class time on the date announced in the calendar or in class; late assignments will not be accepted. A Alate assignment@ is defined as one not prepared to be handed in at the beginning of the class session. Due dates for Optional Assignments will be set by you, in consultation with me, and it will be your responsibility to meet your dates. On those dates, the same policy applies as for Core Assignments.

GRADE OF INCOMPLETEB will not be assigned unless the requirements and conditions of the university are met. Incompletes are not routinely assigned if you are slow in getting work done or not responsible in management of your time. I make clear when core assignments are due and you set the dates for optional assignments so you are aware of due dates. If you miss a due date, don=t blame me--and please don=t ask me to violate my policy to bail you out.