Mark R. Stoner
Meeting with Instructor
Required, 50 points

At some point in the semester, you will have a 15-20 minute meeting with me; there will be some specific tasks surrounding the meeting. Its purpose is to ensure a modicum of dialogue between us, but primarily it is intended to assist you with your thinking, or writing. The meeting will be about clarifying concepts, or coaching you toward a solution to a critical problem you are facing, or coach you toward an answer to a question you have constructed.

The meetings will occur during office hours unless you can show me a conflict on this semester's schedule, or you have a letter from an employer documenting you inability to come then.  I can't schedule 30 individual appoints.

1) Prior to the meeting, you will need to briefly articulate, preferably in writing, the particular discussion point/s you want to work on with me.

2) During the meeting, I suggest you take some notes regarding our discussion.

3) After the meeting you will write the "minutes" of the meeting. The minutes should do two things: 1) record the main ideas of the meeting and 2) explain how your thinking about your topics has changed (if it has) and why; or if your thinking has not changed, explain the nature of the problem/s that still remain and your plan to solve the problem/s

4) Submit the minutes to me within a week of the meeting. Be sure to keep a copy for your files.

The minutes will be written in complete, well-formed sentences, typed and should run about 300 words in length.