ComS 222  Term Project Assignment

Goal: To apply relevant communication theory and best practices to solve specific instructional communication problem/s   

The term project is an opportunity to explore a dimension of instructional communication that interests you.  The main criterion for choice and development of the project is that it focuses on skills or concepts of instructional communication.  You will create a project that will occupy about 30% of your total effort for the course, which is a substantial amount.  Below I list a few project ideas to get your thinking started:

 1) Apply skills and theory from the course to develop and implement a training module for a campus or local agency, company, or organization.

 2) Design and implement a web-based course module; e.g. a one or two week module for a course you may be teaching or intending to teach.

 3) Conduct a literature review and write a bibliographic essay on some significant aspect of instructional communication. [A literature review  will necessarily be  focused on a specific topic of interest to you such as power in the classroom; the nature of dialog in teaching contexts; the nature of and effects of the architecture of classroom social structures; the nature of phyiscial classroom design and building architecture as discourse and its effects on learning.]

  4) Design and conduct and original research study on an important research question in instructional communication.

  5) Assist a faculty member in teaching a course and conduct an analysis of the impact of your contributions to the effectiveness of the course.

  6) Analyze an appropriate sample of cablecast DE class sessions and provide grounded and specific recommendations for course development and pedagogical practice.

  7) Analyze a web-based course and provide grounded and specific recommendations for course development and pedagogical practice.

Link to a list of some previous topics

You may choose to do one of these projects as suggested, modify or combine project ideas, or create a project of your own.  To insure that the project designs are appropriate, check out the examples I provided (weak and strong).

After reviewing them, you can make your proposal using the format provided.