Figure 2 is titled, Abduction.  It is a complex model consisting of two levels.  In the lower left part of the
model, the word start  indicates the beginning of the abduction process.  The model is an example of how
a message analyst would think using abduction, so the first box, level one, lower left, says. Problem:
Knowing how Text A works.  Pointing to the right along the same level, is an box arrow which says,
Abduction: Text A is like Text B. The final box on the right side of the figure reads: Text B (We may choose
Text B because we "know" something about how it works.)  Immediately above the box is an arrow pointing
up to the next logical level. The box to which it points is labeled, Principles of Operation, Text B.  Now,
moving from right to left, a box arrow says, Abduction: The principles of B are probably like those for A.
The last box, which is the upper right corner is labeled, Principles of operation of A.  The last element of
the model is an arrow pointing back down to the starting box to indicate the reflexive nature of abduction.