ComS 5 The Communication Experience

On-line Research Resources:

Encyclopedia of Communication and Information (potentially, very helpful)
When you arrive at the resource, click inside "Table of Contents" frame, click "contents. " Then you can use the search tool
(upper right corner of screen with magnifying glass icon) to find topics you need.

International Encyclopedia of Communication

CSUS Communication Studies databases
I recommend the first two:
Communication & Mass Media Complete  and  Academic Search Premier in that order.

Group Dynamics Research Tools:

SYMLOG Analysis of Group Interactions 

Use this page to quickly rate the behavior of group members and automatically generate field diagrams of  group interaction.  If you rate each indivdual in your group, create a standard field diagram for each, then  overlay the diagrams, you can create a single field diagram for your group.

Also available is the SYMLOG Group Simulator, if you choose to use it. Go to:   In search bar, (upper right corner of page) type: group simulator SYMLOG and click the first return in the lis. You will go to the simulator with links below for user manual, and other resources and links.The simulator allows for "experimentation" with dimensions of groups.

CMap Tools
This free, online tool assists groups constructing, navigating, sharing and modifying knowledge models also known as "concept maps."  You will be using this tool as part of your group project/problems solving experiences.

(Another possible tool is LucidChart; you can sign-up for a free trial that should last you the duration of our project.