What About Streaming Media?* +

Questions about streaming media or podcasting
Contents of streaming media file or podcast

Podcast logo 1   What is a podcast?  Audio file
                         What is a podcast?  Transcript

A brief explanation of streaming media or podcast.
Podcast logo  2   Why podcast?   Audio file
                         Why podcast?  Transcript 
Four reasons to use a podcast.
Podcast logo 3   Why not podcast?  Audio file
                        Why not podcast?  Transcript
Three reasons to reconsider using a podcast

* I prefer the term "streaming media" because it is more descriptive than "podcasting."  Podcasting is a term created by Apple to push its particular brand, hardware and the itunes store.  However, due to Apple's success in establishing the word, I use it here.  I intend to work toward constant use of "streaming media" in here, in my teaching and writing. I encourage you to do the same.

+ Notice that each podcast has an accompanying transcript for the hearing impaired.  Inclusion of a transcript is very important to meet accessibility needs of all students or users.  I suggest you write a script for your podcast (it goes a long way toward keeping the message focused and eliminating vocalized pauses), then post the script along with the audio file.

If you wish to comment on any podcast, send me an email.  In the subject line or the body of your message, please
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