EEE 108 Lab - Electronics I

EEE 108 Lab Syllabus Spring 2018

Textbook: Sedra, A.S. and Smith, K.C., Microelectronic Circuits, 6th Edition, Oxford University Press, 2010

See the ECS Hive "EEE 108 Lab" site for course materials including laboratory procedures and lab resources.

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Various user guides for the test/measurement equipment in room 3017

Tektronix DPO 3014 Oscilloscope

Tektronix P6139A Oscilloscope Probe

Agilent 34401A Digital Multimeter

Agilent 33120A Function Generator

Agilent E3631A Power Supply

XYZs of the Oscilloscope from Tektronix

Multisim User Guide

Multisim is available in Riverside Hall rooms 3017 and 3013 and through the ECS Hydra Remote Desktop server.

Multisim User Guide

Multisim Tutorial

How to connect to the ECS Hydra Remote Desktop