Physics 30 Writing Assignment, due Tuesday, Sept. 24, 2013

For the following topic, write a short essay (as described in the syllabus) in response
to the paragraph below.  Read the news article at the link below.  Make sure you clearly
identify the issue or issues in question, state your position (make one up if you don't have
a personal position yourself), and give at least one good reason in support of your
position.  You should also give at least one good reason why the opposing position is

Is it real? What people think about science

Link: Do vaccines cause autism?

Link:  The View Hires Notorious Anti-Vaxxer Jenny McCarthy

The links above lead to a short review of a book about the current public controversy over the role of  immunizations in causing autism, and an article describing a celebrity's opinion on the subject.  Read the information at the links and write a 1 - 2 page critical essay that explains your position on this issue.  Make sure you refer to either the class notes to remind yourself of how to write a critical essay.  You may look up more information on this topic if you wish, but are not required to do so.  If you use any such additional information, make sure you indicate in your essay the source of the information.  Remember, you need to turn in two (2) copies of the essay in class on Tuesday the 24th.

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