Reading list for Infra-red Observations of Dwarf Galaxies

My papers:

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Papers by others:

               New insights to the photometric structure of Blue Compact Dwarf galaxies from deep Near-Infrared studies. I.
               Observations, surface photometry and decomposition of surface brightness profiles.
               Noeske, K.G. et al. 2003, A&A, 410, 481.

               Deep Near-Infrared Mapping of Young and Old Stars in Blue Compact Dwarf Galaxies.
               Cairós, L. M. et al. 2003, ApJ, 593, 312.

               1.65 μm (H-band) surface photometry of galaxies. VII. Dwarf galaxies in the Virgo Cluster.
               Gavazzi, G. et al. 2001, A&A, 372, 29.

               The 1 to 2.5 mu broad band emission of Blue Compact Dwarf Galaxies.
               Doublier, V. et al. 2001, A&A, 367, 33.

               A Near-Infrared Stellar Census of Blue Compact Dwarf Galaxies: NICMOS Detection of Red Giant Stars in the
               Wolf-Rayet Galaxy Markarian 178.
               Schulte-Ladbeck, R.E. et al., 2000, AJ, 120, 1713.

               A Near Infrared Study of Blue Dwarf Galaxies.
               Vanzi, L. 1997, PASP, 109, 1069.

               Near Infrared Imaging of Dwarf Ellipticals Irregulars and Blue Compact Galaxies in the Virgo Cluster.
               James, P.A. 1994, MNRAS, 269, 176.

               An infrared study of dwarf galaxies in the Virgo cluster.
               James, P. 1991, MNRAS, 250, 544.

               Infrared photometry and optical spectroscopy of dwarf galaxies in the Virgo Cluster
               Bothun, G.D. & Caldwell, C.N. 1984, ApJ, 280, 528.

General information on Dwarf Galaxies:

                Dwarf Elliptical Galaxies.
                Henry C. Ferguson & Bruno Binggeli.

               The evolution of dwarf galaxies.
               Davies, J.I. et al. 1988, MNRAS, 235, 287.

               Studies of the Virgo Cluster. II - A catalog of 2096 galaxies in the Virgo Cluster area.
               Binggeli, B. et al. 1985, AJ, 90, 1681.

               Studies of the Virgo cluster. III - A classification system and an illustrated atlas of Virgo cluster dwarf galaxies.
               Sandage, A. & Binggeli, B. 1984, AJ, 89, 919.

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