Bio 184 - General Genetics Laboratory

Spring 2016

Sections 9 and 14

220 Humboldt Hall

Instructor: Dr. Adam Telleen
Office Hours: Monday/Wednesday 1:30-2:30pm, or by appointment in 532 Sequoia Hall
Lab Syllabus: Lab Syllabus (see also Dr. Peavy's or Dr. Reams' lecture syllabus)

Download Course Materials:

General Lab Materials:

Lab Notebook Guidelines
Presentation Guidelines
Presentation Topic Submission Form (Due March 9th)
Presentation Schedules: Section 9 - Section 14

Experiment One:

Experiment One Writeup
How TOPO Cloning Works
pCR-BluntII-TOPO Vector Map

Experiment Two:

Electropherograms (set 1), Electropherograms (set 2)
Journal of Forensic Science article with allele frequencies
Identifiler Allelic Ladder

Experiment Three:

Lac Operon Cartoon (from the Cartoon Guide To Genetics by Gonick and Wheelis)