Bio 184 - General Genetics Laboratory

Fall 2015

Section 8

220 Humboldt Hall

Instructor: Dr. Adam Telleen
Office Hours: Monday 10:30-11:30am, Wednesday 10-11:30am, or by appointment in 532 Sequoia Hall
Lab Syllabus: Lab Syllabus (with Dr. Peavy's lecture)

Download Course Materials:

General Lab Materials:

Lab Notebook Guidelines
Presentation Guidelines
Presentation Topic Submission Form (Due October 19th)
Presentation Schedule

Experiment One Gel Pics

Group 1, Group 3, Group 9, Group 11

Experiment Two Electropherograms

Electropherograms: Set One - Set Two
Allelic Ladder Size Standards - Journal of Forensic Science article w/ allele frequencies

Experiment Three

Lac Operon Section from The Cartoon Guide to Genetics by Gonick and Wheelis