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Mohammad Vaziri Ph.D., P.E.

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EEE 192B Electric Power Design Project II

Objectives for Spring 2012: Objectives of the course include research, analyses, and simulations relating to various design and operational aspects of electric power systems. Requirements include; formal documentation and presentation of the results. The focus will be about current issues and problems on all major sub-systems within the electric power systems, particularly in the area of electric distribution systems facing a number of current and interesting challenges. All tasks relating to research, project planning, simulations, preparation of formal report, and final presentation of the results are divided and performed by team member. Emphasis is placed on proper research, problem definition, planning, written and oral communication skills, working with others in a team environment, and effective utilization of available resources.

Prerequisite and requirements: EEE 192A Graded (for 192B only), EEE 142 or EEE 144 Graded.

Number of Units: 3 Units.

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