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The purpose of the homework assignment is to encourage further practice for the topics covered in our book but not covered in class (due to time constraints) and to give you the opportunity to work on more comprehensive exercises than those covered in the book. I will provide you with a comprehensive set of assignment exercises.

Assignment Submitting Standards:



  1. Multi-dimensional Reporting with PivotTables (look in BI1-M1-04-CaseStudy01-Solution_A4.docx for help).

    Here is a list of all calculations required:

    a.     Sales (or Net Sales) = Revenue - Discount

    b.     Contribution Margin = "Net Sales" - "Cost Of Goods Sold"

    c.     Margin Ratio = "Contribution Margin" / "Net Sales"

    Using the Microsoft Excel File BicycleForPivotV01.xls, answer the following questions

      1. What were the Grand Total Net Sales for the Entire Organization?  (documentation: text)

      2. What were the Internet Net Sales for Munich Bike Store Sales Organization and for City bike (CB) Material Group? (documentation: text)

      3. What were the Wholesale Net  for Munich Bike Store Sales Organization and for City bike (CB) Material Group, and for M6 Hardtrail 18" Material? (documentation: text)

      4. Show a report for Internet Net Sales, for City bike (CB) Material Group, only in 2007, and for the months of Jan, Feb, and March? (documentation: print screen)

      5. Show a report for Wholesales sales by Material Group, only in 2007, and for ALL months. In this report show the Revenues, Net Sales, Contribution Margin ("Net Sales" - "Cost Of Goods Sold"), and Margin Ratio ("Contribution Margin" / "Net Sales". (documentation: print screen)

  2. BI1-M4-03 Enterprise Reporting with BEx Analyzer (use server 1 for this exercise). Use Query MU82Assignment13 in BEx Analyzer to answer the following questions:

    1. What is the organization's total Revenue? (documentation: text)

    2. Slicing: What is the total revenue in for Motown Bikes (customer)? (documentation: text)

    3. Dicing: What is the Sales Quanity of First Aid Kit (material) in US West (Sales Organization)? (documentation: text)

    4. Chart: Display the Revenue for SoCal Bikes (customer) for all Deluxe Road Bikes (material). (documentation: print screen)

  3. BI1-M4-04 Developing a Query with BEx Query Designer (use server 2 for this exercise). Practice using the following document: BI1-M4-05-CaseStudy02-Solution_A4.docx

    1. Start the BEx Query Designer. (documentation: last screen)


 2.1: Create InfoObject Catalogs, InfoObjects, DataStore Object and InfoCube. ../SAP_BI/Assignment1_BI4.docx

 2.2: ETL Master Data from Flat Files. ../SAP_BI/Assignment1_Part2_BI4.docx, ../SAP_BI/GBI20ProductV01.csv

2.3: ETL Transaction Data from Flat Files. ../SAP_BI/Assignment1_Part3_BI4.docx, ../SAP_BI/SalesdataV01.csv


 3.1 BI2-M6-02 SAP BW Data Mining (Association Analysis) ../SAP_BI/AssociationAnalysis_Solution.docxshoppingdataset.csv (data file)

3.2 BI3-M1-05 Report Design and Analysis Using SAP Business Objects Explorer 4.x Business Objects Server Information.doc

3.3: SAP Business Objects Explorer: BI3-Module_4A_SAP_BusinessObjects_Explorer_4_case_study_V1.pdf , GBI_Data_Explorer_V02.xls

If you have more interest on this subject, go to Official Product Tutorials SAP BusinessObjects Explorer 4.x

Documentation: After completing your assignment, click the toolbar button Share this view by email (in SAP Business Objects Explorer) and sent me an e-mail of the hyperlink provided (make sure that your names appears on the e-mail)


Assignment 4.1: Dashboard Design Competition Case Study: ../SAP_BI/Junior Achievement case study.pdf

Here is the Assignment description: ../SAP_BI/DashboardDesignAssignment.doc

Here is the data: ../SAP_BI/