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This course concentrates on multiple regression analysis and the determination of its relevance and applicability within the larger scheme of public policy decision making. Students are required to complete their own regression study using the SPSS statistical package (see examples below). Offered spring of every year. Prerequisites: PPA220A and STAT1.


Presents the basic concepts, tools, and models of microeconomics in the context of public sector choices. The market demand and supply model, and models of perfect competition and monopoly are introduced and used to study the effects of public choices (particularly those made at the state and local government level). The principles of welfare economics, or benefit/cost analysis, are also described and used to analyze various subnational government projects. Students are required to review and comprehend a real-world benefit/cost study (examples are given below). Offered fall of every year. Prerequisite: ECO1B.


A continuation of PPA220A. Focuses specifically on the role of government in a market-oriented economy with emphasis on market failures including: public goods, externalities, and monopoly production. Corrective taxes and expenditure programs are discussed with particular focus on the intergovernmental situation in post-Proposition 13 California. Offered spring of every year. Prerequisite: PPA220A.


Historical development, economics, and possible policy solutions regarding the most pressing problems facing central cities and urban areas in the United States and California. Problems discussed include poverty, crime, urban abandonment/suburban sprawl, edge cities, deteriorating infrastructure, and fiscal stress. Cross listed as ECO251. Offered in the fall of some years. Prerequisite: PPA220A.


The first of two capstone courses in the PPA Program. Designed to assist students in the development of a topic for their Master's thesis and the completion of two chapters of the thesis (Introduction and Overview, and Literature Review). Offered spring and fall of every year. Prerequisite: Completion of all PPA core courses during or before the semester taken.

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