Professor Rob Wassmer's Opinions and Press Releases

·Podcast on the Sacramento’s Kings New Downtown Arena: Is it an Economic Success?, with MPPA Alum Cosmo Garvin, 11/22/16;

·You Tube Video on Wassmer Participation in Affordable Housing Forum, California Housing Forum, CA Apartment Association, 10/5/16;

·Sacramento's downtown Kings arena raises hopes, but is no slam dunk: Entertainment and sports complex will cost more than estimates, but could revitalize business district; Sacramento News and Review Opinions, with Ryan Ong, 8/15/13;

·Viewpoints: Students Pay the Price of Cutting School Days, Sacramento Bee editorial, by Ted Lascher, 12/29/11;

·California's State and Local Revenue Structure After Prop 13: Is Denial an Appropriate Way to Cope, PowerPoint Presentation to Georgia State Conference on "Out of the Box State and Local Tax Policy, 5/14/08;

·Sac State Expert Finds that Auto Use is not a Major Cause of Urban Sprawl, Press Release, 3/4/08;

·Ending Budget Thrill Ride, Sacramento Bee's Forum Section, 5/7/06;

·Comments on the California Climate Action Team Report to Governor Schwarzenegger and the Legislature, Prepared for the Sacramento Regional Research Institute, 2/6/06;

·Sacramento State University Study: Controlling Growth Doesn't Mean Higher Housing Prices, Press Release, 10/13/05; 

·Two Different Worlds: Where Resources are Greatest, Needs are the Fewest, Sacramento Bee's Forum Section, 8/1/04;

·Learning from Atlanta: Others Errors Can Lead Us to Better Choices, with Robert F. Fountain, Sacramento Bee's Forum Section, 11/24/02;

·Why Sprawl Flourishes, Cities Don't: State's Sales Tax Formula Costs Downtowns Billions. Sacramento is Exhibit A,
Sacramento Bee's Forum Section, 8/5/01;

·Sprawl Isn't Only in the Eye of the Beholder, Daniel Wientraub, Sacramento Bee's Editorial Section, 7/22/01.


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