Professor Rob Wassmer's Working Papers

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Perception of Gasoline Taxes and Driver Cost: Implications for Highway Finance

December, 2014

California’s Reliance on Personal Property Taxation

(presentation to the IAAO Conference, Sacramento, 2014)

Power Point Presentation


August, 2014



Property Tax Abatement as Tax Expenditure?

(under revision for Public Finance and Management)

December, 2013



Differences in State and Local Government Public Capital Expenditure Before, During, and After the Great Recession: Did the Federal Stimulus Matter?

June, 2013



The Impact of Learning Time on Academic Achievement
(forthcoming in Education and Urban Society)

December, 2011



Proposition 13 Chapter (Forthcoming in the Encyclopedia of Housing)

October, 2011



Does Counseling Reduce Frequent Emergency Department Use?

August, 2009



The Desirability of Conducting a Cost/Benefit Assessment of the Sacramento Area Water Forum and its Successor Element and a Prospectus on How to Do It

August, 2005



A Regional View of Social Disparities

April, 2004



K-12 Education in the U.S. Economy: Its Impact on Economic Development, Earnings, and Housing Values

September, 2003



Introduction to Property Tax Policy

February, 2003



Urban Devolution and Metropolitan Local Governance in California's Next Half Century of Growth

January, 2003



Lessons from California Public Schools Where Performance Exceeds Predictions

November, 2002



An Economic Perspective on Urban Sprawl: With an Application to the American West and a Test of the Efficacy of Urban Growth Boundaries

September, 2002



An Analysis of Subsidies and Other Options to Expand the Productive End Use of Scrap Tires in California

November, 2002



The Benefits of Growth

October, 2002



Time, Tiebout, and Transition in the Structure of Local Governments in U.S. Metropolitan Areas

June, 2000