Interview Assignment

CS 103—Business and Professional Speaking

The purpose of this assignment is to provide students with a practical exercise in information gathering interview skills while at the same time providing them with some information about possible career choices. Students should locate a person (not a friend, family member, or direct supervisor) who currently holds approximately the same job and title that he or she hopes to hold in five years. Schedule a fifteen to twenty minute interview with this person. The student is the interviewer; this is NOT a fake job interview, it is a practical information-seeking interview in which the student hopes to find out everything possible to help them prepare for that position.

Here is a list of just a few of the questions that might be asked. You should prepare a list of questions yourself using suggestions from the text:

--Exactly what does your job entail?

--What are the educational requirements for the position?

--What do you like the most (or least) about the job?

--What future changes do you see in this field?

These questions are only a beginning, you will certainly want to develop others so that you have a full sense of the demands and responsibilities of the position held by the interviewee and the nature of their field.

Basis for Evaluation

After the interview has occurred, write a 3-4 page typewritten paper in which you discuss the nature of the position and the person intercviewed, list the questions you prepared for the interview, give a brief analysis of the interview itself, and discuss your strengths and weaknesses as an interviewer. Please attach a business card from your interviewee to the paper. If your chosen person does not have a business card, ask if they would simply write a note to you confirming that the interview had take place. In that case, include the note with the paper.

Be sure to engage in proper interview etiquette by sending a thank you note to your interviewee for their time!

This assignment will be worth 25 points toward your final grade.