Introductory Speech Assignment

This assignment is ungraded. It requires that you spend a bit of time with one of your classmates--ask them some questions, get to know them, etc. Your job is to introduce your classmate to the rest of the class. You're expected to speak for at least 60 seconds. You may have very limited notes for the presentation, but for the most part you will be addressing the class without much preparation. At the same time you are talking to your partner, your partner will be gathering information to introduce you as well. You will both go up to the front of the room together, and you will do the presentations.

Try to avoid introducing someone in the very hackneyed or trite way of just giving their major, how old they are, and how long they have been at Sac State. Sounds like name, rank, and serial number! Try to get some information that would really let the class get to know the person--their outside interests, their career plans, what their favorite class has been at Sac State...Remember, you only have about ten minutes to gather this information so be sure the conversation goes in both directions so that your partner can prepare to introduce you as well.

Another reason to pay attention to these introductions is that these folks will be the audience for your speeches later in the semester. Adapting to your audience is one of the most important elements of successful speechmaking, so pay attention and find out who you'll be talking to later in the semester!