Communication Studies 103

Sample Questions

1. The theorist most closely associated with groupthink is:

a. Douglas MacGregor

b. Deborah Tannen

c. Irving Janis

d. Solomon Ash

2. In his typology of work-based groups, what type of sports team did Peter Drucker use as an analogy for self-directed work teams:

a. a doubles team in tennis

b. a baseball team

c. a football team

d. a bunch of drunk guys playing Australian Rules football.

3. Most organizations do little to encourage horizontal communication. That could be a mistake because horizontal communication:

a. promotes cooperation and efficiency

b. it nurtures specialization

c. it is consistent with the principles of scientific   management

d. it reinforces the principles of bureaucracy

4. The type of decision-making most typical of groups using autocratic or authoritarian leadership is:

a. hand-clasping

b. voting

c. compromise

d. railroading