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Replace the red text with your list name information before placing on the Web for students. This is a sample "how to" page written for the CSUS campus Listproc.


General Information

Electronic mailing lists provide forums for Internet users to participate in discussions or receive information on thousands of topics. They provide a way to disseminate information to large numbers of people and hold long-distance discussions among many people. They are used by many colleges and universities to facilitate and enhance classroom education. Mailing lists provide an efficient way to reach a lot of people very quickly, by automating the distribution of electronic mail to all members of the mailing list. Digests, electronic journals, announcements, and discussion groups are some of the types of content that are delivered through the thousands of lists available on the Internet.

The software responsible for the management and distribution of these mailing lists to thousands of subscribers are commonly called "list servers". A list member can send an e-mail message to a single, central e-mail address and the list server automatically distributes the message to all other members of the list. There is a variety of list server software available that allows users to create and manage mailing lists. The most common list server software is listproc, listserv and majordomo. Although, most list server software functions similarly ListProc is the software used at CSU, Sacramento and will be described in this document.

ListProc, a UNIX implementation of a list server, has been established to enhance communication between faculty, staff and students by automating the distribution of electronic mail to a group of users with common interests. The electronic discussion list is available to all students with e-mail accounts. You may subscribe using any e-mail software, i.e. Pegasus Mail, Pine, VAX Mail, Netscape Mail or Eudora. Pine is the client software for users who access e-mail by logging into the CSUS SacLink system. For further online information on SacLink or Pine mail refer to Getting Started with SacLink.


How to Join the Class Discussion List

You interact with ListProc by sending an e-mail message, containing listproc commands, to LISTPROC@CSUS.EDU. To communicate with other members of the list, you send an e-mail message to LISTNAME-L@CSUS.EDU.

To join the class discussion list send an e-mail message to LISTPROC@CSUS.EDU

Leave the subject line blank and in the message area type subscribe LISTNAME-L Firstname Lastname (where Firstname and Lastname is your first and last name)

Add the statement below for a "Closed Membership" list which requires your approval prior to admission to the group.

Note: Because subscription requests are not automatic for the list, you will receive a message back saying the request has been forwarded for approval. After you receive the LISTNAME-L list welcome message, you can use the information below to communicate to all members of the list.


Sending Message to the Group


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