Health Insurance for International Students Spring 2017

It is mandatory for all international students (F visa) to maintain adequate health insurance coverage throughout their studies at Sacramento State.  International students are required to present detailed proof of health insurance coverage when they arrive on campus. Any non-CSU health insurance policy will be carefully reviewed by International Programs & Global Engagement Staff and must meet minimal institutional requirements. 

Immunizations:  New international students are required to submit proof of previous vaccination for Measles and Rubella (MMR) in their first semester. 

Tuberculosis Testing:  The Student Health center will also screen you for Tuberculosis in your first semester. Unlike MMR vaccinations, you should NOT have your tuberculosis test done in your home country. The TB test is free of charge and conducted at Student Health and Counseling Services.

California State University Health Insurance for International Students

International students are strongly encouraged to purchase the CSU International Student Health Insurance policy which greatly exceeds the minimum requirements for health insurance coverage.  The campus insurance policy is administered by Wells Fargo Insurance Services USA, Inc. Student Services Division and uses AETNA as the insurance provider. AETNA is widely accepted by US doctors and their provider network of physicians is extensive.  To preview the full details of this policy, please view the online brochure at select “Find your Schools Plans” at the top of the page, and then “Sacramento State” as the school. The correct plan for international students is listed as “2016-17 Sacramento State - International”.    

  • Spring 2017 dates of coverage: January 22, 2016 – August 15, 2016
  • Cost: $1010.23.

Purchase Online at 

  1. Select "Find your School's Plan"
  2. Find "Sacramento State" in the drop down menu
  3. Select "Enroll in Coverage" under “2016-17 Sacramento State - International” 
  4. Details of coverage are available under "View Brochure"

You may also purchase in person: On campus in the ASI Business Office located on the 3rd floor of the University Union.

Temporary / Short Term Travel Insurance:  The university health insurance policy for international students will be in effect beginning August 15 (fall) or January 22 (spring/summer). We recommend you purchase a short-term travel insurance policy in your country to cover your travels to the US and anytime you are in the US prior to the August 15th insurance policy start date.

All Other Insurance Policies

If you are considering purchasing a policy other than the CSU International Student Health Insurance policy, then the policy should be pre-approved by an International Programs & Global Engagement Advisor to ensure that it meets the minimum requirements for coverage (next page). Pre-approval should be sought BEFORE you purchase any policy other than the CSU International Student Health Insurance.  

Final approval for insurance policies will be given after your arrival upon presenting written proof of purchase including full coverage details and effective dates of coverage. The health insurance requirement will be met when you present the written proof of purchase during your first visit to our office.       

For approval, you will need to bring the following information about your policy: 

  1. Name of Insurance Company and type of specific insurance policy
  2. Medical Expenses Coverage details [Minimum coverage required is $100,000]
  3. Deductible Amount [Maximum deductible amount is $500]
  4. Co-pay amount [Minimum co-pay 90% covered by insurance / no more than 10% paid by student]
  5. Amount of coverage for Medical Evacuation [Minimum coverage $50,000]
  6. Amount of coverage for Repatriation [Minimum coverage 25,000]
  7. Insurance cannot set daily limits or exclude major illnesses/conditions

A Comparison of Minimum Insurance Requirements & CSU International Student Health Insurance Policy Coverage

Category Minimum Requirements CSU Int'l Student Health Insurance Offers
Repatriation: Medical Repatriation or Repatriation of remains coverage at least $25,000
(per new US Dept. of State recommendations)
Repatriation of remains coverage provided by On Call International
Daily limits: No daily capped benefits (ie. limits on daily hospital expenses) No daily capped benefits

Insurance cannot exclude major illnesses (ie. cancer) or conditions.

Pregnancy coverage strongly recommended.

Full insurance coverage does not exclude major illnesses or conditions (although some limitations apply)

Includes full coverage for pregnancy and maternity care.
Other Benefits: Varies by policy 24 Hour Nurse Advice Hotline
24 Hour Counseling
Easy Access to Insurance provider for any questions about claims or coverage
Doctors/Hospitals able to bill insurance directly for most items, instead of requiring students to make payments, then filing a claim and wait for a refund
Easy Access to AETNA for assistance in finding off-campus, in network doctors when necessary
Vision exams and discounts
Member discounts through the healthy living programs
US Coverage: Insurance must be valid in the US AETNA Insurance Provider - well-known provider with widespread coverage throughout California and US.
Medical Benefits:

At least $100,000 medical benefits coverage for each accident/illness
(per new US Dept. of State recommendations)

Unlimited coverage
Deductible: Maximum deductible of $500 per year $100 deductible per year
Co-insurance / Co-pay: Minimum 90% co-insurance;
Student must pay no more than 10%

100% coverage within extensive provider network of doctors

90% coverage for ambulance expenses

Medical Evacuation:

Medical Evacuation coverage at least $50,000
(per new US Dept. of State recommendations)

Medical Evacuation coverage provided by On Call International

Note: This table does not represent a comprehensive review of insurance benefits. Please refer to for full details of the CSU International Student Health Insurance.