Benefits of Study Abroad

Why Study Abroad?

Studying abroad is a life-changing experience! These are some of the benefits that can be accomplished by studying abroad:

1. To learn a language other than English or to improve language skills.
2. To become acquainted with the people, culture, and history of a country.
3. To take courses in one's major and/or minor.
4. To gain valuable intercultural communication skills.
5. To gain self-confidence and self-knowledge.
6. To enhance the quality of one's studies and knowledge in one's field.
7. To develop skills necessary to perform effectively in a global economy.
8. To have an edge in the job market and enhance career opportunities.
9. To take courses not offered at the Sacramento State campus.
10. To have a better chance of entering a particular masters or doctoral program.
11. To go beyond a tourism experience and undergo the transformation from visitor to resident.
12. To prepare for the multi-ethnic workforce present in the State of California.